Pressure Wash in Jersey City New Jersey

We use up-to-date equipment, environmentally safe supplies, and knowledgeable technicians to deliver a clean and a healthy environment for your home, customers, and employees.


A clean house is important for the health and welfare of your entire family. On decks, exterior walls and sidewalks you will find a number of unique contaminants, varying in severity from dirt to harmful mold. Pressure washing blows up these potentially harmful substances away, maintaining your loved ones breathing the purest air possible. A clean house isn’t just “nice to have,” it is actually a necessity for good mental and physical health.

BJC Carpet Cleaners offer high-quality pressure cleaning services for all home owners. Our technicians are well-trained to treat a wide range of different equipment to remove potentially hazardous substances such as dirt, mold, mildew, salt, and more. Pressure cleaning is a complicated process which requires knowledge & understanding to complete successfully. Too much pressure applied to the wrong material can bring potential damage that will lead to expensive repairs. Save yourself the time & hassle by hiring us to pressure clean the exterior areas surrounding your property. Contact us at (201) 884-2955 for our pressure washing service.

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Looking For A Carpet Cleaning Service Around Jersey City?

We know what you want, that’s easy. You just want to love your carpets again so you can enjoy what you worked so hard for. Am I on the right track?

If so and you want the best carpet cleaning in the area… who are fun, good to work with and treat your property like our own, then let BJC Carpet Cleaners do the job for you!


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A professional carpet cleaning excels in removing all that bad stuff that’s remaining in your carpets and can get you on a path to a healthier home. 

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Advanced cleaning has many techniques to remove or eliminate many types of odors including air scrubbers, sanitizers, anti-microbial, O.S.R. treatments, ozone generating machines, thermal fogging and wet fogging, etc.
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Restore Your Property with Pressure Washing Commercial buildings and outdoor concrete surfaces such as parking lots and walkways take a real beating from dirt, grime, oil, grease, gum and pollution.

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Our technicians have been trained thoroughly as well as having obtained many years of knowledge and experience in water damage restoration services.