Skyway Golf Course

The Skyway Golf Course at Lincoln Park West is Hudson County’s best public golf course. Each Hole on this outstanding 9-hole course is filled with colorful fescue, stunning dunes, and undulating fairways, providing fun and challenge. Skyway Golf Course is a must-play metropolitan New York golf course set in the shadow of the Pulaski Skyway with scenic views of the Manhattan cityscape. Additional info.

The course offers a maximum variation with an equal mix of par-three, four, and five holes. Most greens include gathering and chipping areas for slightly off-line approach shots, and landing places are plentiful and conspicuous.

  • 1st Hole

Panoramic vistas emphasize the architectural idea from the tee complexes and a lengthy view of the distant Freedom Tower at the turning point of the right to left dogleg. As befitting an opening hole, the Hole is relatively straightforward, but the sights are stunning.

  • 2nd Hole

The par-three second Hole returns to the northwest, with the Skyway, the Hackensack River, and the distant power plant on the far bank in the backdrop. It’s a medium-length hole with a bigger-than-average green and a left-hand bailout.

  • 3rd Hole

The game shifts to the southeast and descends significantly. It’s a stunning double dogleg par five with one of the most spectacular views on the course from the main landing area to the green. A player may be tempted to go for the green with their second shot, but a mistake might be costly. Nevertheless, making par will provide considerable joy to average golfers.

  • 4th Hole

The course’s shortest par three presents golfers with a smaller-than-average green and a right-hand collecting area.

  • 5th Hole

As the course returns to the clubhouse, golfers will face the course’s most challenging par four. The golfer’s attention is focused on the task owing to meticulously created mounding and landscaping on both sides of the course.

  • 6th Hole

The golfer’s vision is directed toward the smallest green on the course by parallel mounding on this par five Hole beside Duncan Avenue. On this short par five, going for the green in two is a popular option, but the green complex is modest, so be cautious.

  • 7th Hole

This short but challenging Hole runs beside State Highway 440. The landing area slopes downhill toward the green, approaching shot to the bean-shaped lakeside green defended by a deep front bunker tough.

  • 8th Hole

Natural settings need a long and visually intimidating tee to carry for the par-five to stick in the memories of those who play it. Players that make a good tee shot will be able to follow the Hole to the deep but narrow green.

  • 9th Hole

This par three runs adjacent to the Hackensack River and offers expansive vistas west over the river. Deep green is guarded on the left by a lone bunker on this medium-length Hole. Browse next article.

With the premier golfing facilities in Jersey City, the Skyway Golf Course is a golfer’s dream come true. It has a clubhouse with a golf cart, club rentals, and an onsite pub and restaurant for a more enjoyable and stress-free experience. For further information, contact Skyway Golf Course at (201) 763-7520.