Van Vorst Park

Van Vorst Park is a neighborhood in Jersey City’s Historic Downtown, Hudson County, New Jersey, United States, named after a park of the same name, located between Paulus Hook Avenue and Marin Boulevard, north of Grand Street, east of the Turnpike Extension, south of The Village and Christopher Columbus Drive. The Van Vorst Park Historic District encompasses a large portion of it.

The park was the focal point of Van Vorst Township, a Hudson County township that existed from 1841 to 1851. On April 12, 1841, the New Jersey Legislature established Van Vorst as a township from sections of Bergen Township. Jersey City acquired Van Vorst Township on March 18, 1851. This article.

The name Van Vorst comes from a well-known local family, the first of whom arrived in the 1630s as an administrator of the patroonship Pavonia, New Netherland’s oldest European settlement on the Hudson River’s west bank. His Harsimus farmstead and those at Communipaw, Paulus Hook, Minakwa, and Pamrapo were absorbed into Bergen. Cornelius Van Vorst, his namesake and eighth-generation descendent, was the twelfth Mayor of Jersey City, serving from 1860 to 1862.

The area features nineteenth-century rowhouses and brownstones, similar to Harsimus Cove and Hamilton Park to the north and Bergen-Lafayette to the southwest. It is house to the Jersey City Medical Center, James J. Ferris High School, and Old Colony Shopping Plaza. Barrow Mansion and Dixon Mills are two notable landmarks.

It was situated north, the Grove Street PATH station, and the Jersey Avenue (HBLR station) south. Van Vorst Park is a two-acre municipal park bordered on the east by Barrow Street, the north by Montgomery Street, the west by Jersey Avenue, and the south by York Street. With funds generated by the Friends of Van Vorst Park, the park was renovated in 1999 for two million dollars.

On your city tour, be sure to stop by this attractive urban park. You may watch your children have fun in a playground, relax your feet on a bench, gaze at the diverse flora, walk your dog, buy at a farmer’s market, and see independent films here. A great post.

Spend a quality moment with your travel companions while using the park’s various attractions and services. Among the amenities are a gazebo, a few chairs, two playgrounds, a dog park, splash pads, a cast-iron water fountain, and much more.

It also offers a farmer’s market on Sundays from March to November, film screenings on Wednesdays from June to August, and other fun-filled activities. For further information, call (201) 547-4449.