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How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Carpet in Simple & Easy Ways


Coffee is a source of energy and joy in the morning for most people. However, when a cup of coffee spills over your light-colored carpet, it can turn into a disaster. Coffee stains on pristine carpets are a sour sight as they leave an ugly, dark spot, which seems hard to remove. But with the right ways and simple tricks, you can remove coffee stains from the carpet. This article tells you about homemade and best carpet cleaners to remove coffee stains. Keep reading to know what to do with a coffee stain on your carpet!

Options to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Carpet

Here we have mentioned some of the best carpet cleaners to remove coffee stains from the carpet. You can find all these ingredients quickly, and some of them might be sitting in your kitchen. Use any method to remove coffee stains; do not forget to test it first on a small area to ensure it doesn’t affect your carpet’s quality.

1. White Vinegar & Dish Washing Soap

White vinegar is a famous home ingredient to remove coffee stains from your carpet. It is an effective stain remover when mixed with dishwashing soap or detergent. Combine white vinegar with liquid detergent and a cup of warm water. Make a spray of these solutions and shake the bottle to mix it well. Apply this spray onto the stained area and let it sit for some time. Blot the carpet with this solution until the stain disappears.

2. Lemon Juice & Liquid Detergent

Lemon juice is known to lighten the dark stains or spots. You can use lemon juice to remove coffee stains from the carpet. Combine lemon drops with the liquid detergent or any cleaning agents, and then apply it onto the stain. The mix of lemon with a cleaning agent will eliminate dark coffee stains in no time.

3. Baking Soda & Liquid Detergent

Baking soda is another powerful home ingredient to remove coffee stains. It works as the best carpet cleaner when combined with liquid detergent. You can clean the stained area with the detergent first, spray the water onto it and blot the area. Once the spot gets dry, sprinkle baking soda on top of the stain and let it sit for some time. The combination of detergent and baking soda will remove the stain.

4. Commercial Stain Remover

You can also choose to use any commercial stain removers to remove coffee stains from the carpet. You can find the best carpet cleaners in the store that can handle tough coffee stains. Apply these carpet cleaning products on the carpet as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

DIY How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Carpet

Once you have picked up a carpet cleaning solution to remove coffee stains, you need to follow an easy and simple procedure. Here is the step-by-step process to eliminate coffee stains.

Soak Up the Stain

Firstly, soak up the stain with warm water to remove the dried coffee residuals. Use a white cloth on the edges of the stain to blot the coffee. Move the cloth from outward to the middle to prevent it from seeping into the surrounding area. Continue this process until you have gotten most of the coffee into the cloth.

Apply Cleaning Solution on the Stain

Next, you have to choose the best carpet cleaning solution to remove the stain. You can use baking soda or white vinegar with liquid soap and water to clean the carpet. Use a clean rag to apply the cleaning solution to the coffee stain and let it sit for some time. Blot the area until the stain eliminates.

Rinse the Carpet

Once the stain is eliminated, rinse the carpet area with cold water and blot up as much liquid as you can with a cloth or towel. Ensure that you do not rub the spot or walk over the wet area. Leave the carpet to air-dry.

Take Away

Coffee stains may look hard to remove, but you can easily remove coffee stains from the carpet with the best carpet cleaner. Use the above-mentioned home remedies for coffee stains and clean your carpet yourself in simple ways.



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