Loew’s Jersey Theatre

The jewel of Journal Square, this show-stopping venue with old-fashioned elegance, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Theater, a cinematic hotspot for 57 years, closed its doors in 1986 and sat empty for over a decade. To preserve its history and beauty, the Loew’s Theater is now totally maintained by volunteers from the “Friends of the Loew’s.” Martin Scorsese’s “The Joker,” which was released in early October, was filmed at the theater. Its primary goal is to serve the Jersey City community as an arts and entertainment hub for the city’s varied population. More.

The Loew’s Jersey Theatre, situated in Jersey City, New Jersey, is a movie palace and a live entertainment facility. It was one of five Loew’s Wonder Theatres, a series of flagship Loew’s movie palaces in the New York City region, that opened in 1929. It was built in the Baroque/Rococo style by the architectural company Rapp & Rapp. It was triplexed in 1974 and then shuttered in 1986, leaving it in the dark for many years. Bought by the city in 1993 and is now handled by the Friends of the Loews, a volunteer organization. In 2009, the Theater was named a New Jersey Registered Historic Site. Despite Friends of the Loews ‘ opposition, the city decided to allow AEG Live to manage the facility in June 2014. Friends of the Loews’ lease is still in force after going to court. The Theater will be repaired for $72 million starting in 2022, according to an announcement made in February 2021.

In 1929, the cost of construction was $2 million. On opening day, the theatre had a capacity of 3,021 people.

On August 15, 1985, the theater was listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. On October 17, 1985, it earned a Determination of Eligibility from the National Register of Historic Places. Still, it was not listed owing to the owner’s opposition.

Film and photography shoots are standard at Loew’s Jersey. The Loew’s Jersey lobby was featured in a 2007 Geico commercial starring their gecko mascot and was used as the disco in the film The Last Days of Disco.

The Strokes filmed a music video for the track “Under Cover of Darkness” from their 2011 album Angles at the Loew’s Jersey Theater in February 2011, including the main lobby, promenade, and stage.

Fundraisers, business gatherings, and weddings are all held at the Theater. Call (201) 798-6055 for additional information about Loew’s Jersey Theater.

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