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What is the Best Season to Have Your Carpets Cleaned? DIY Tips from BJC Carpet Cleaners


When it comes to carpet cleaning, the most challenging question is when and how to do it? So, this article will highlight the best season for carpet cleaning and DIY carpet cleaning tips from BJC Carpet Cleaners for your convenience. Read and learn!

Best Season for Carpet Cleaning

We know we get four seasons a year, so let’s see which one of them is the best season for carpet cleaning at home.


Spring arrives with fresh air and blooming flowers. Many professional cleaning services consider it the best season for carpet cleaning. In spring, you open your windows to let the cool and fresh air into your home and want to get rid of all the dirt, dust, debris, and salt build-up during the wintertime. A deep carpet cleaning will remove all the trapped pollens in your carpet fibers that can cause allergies and breathing issues. 


In the summertime, you will notice an increase in insects and growing flowers. You will observe the pollen that comes in through the windows, debris that comes at home trapped in your shoes, and the mold that grows because of the summer humidity. These conditions call for cleaning and make summer the best season for carpet cleaning. So, you will not end up with a rotten, smelly, and dirty carpet at home. However, many people spend summer vacations away from home, so you can consider carpet cleaning at your convenience.


When leaves start falling down the trees, it indicates the arrival of the fall season. This season is also popular among people for carpet cleaning because they want to get their house ready for the holiday season. You will spend more time indoors, and that will lead to a fast accumulation of dirt and debris in your carpet. You need to the contaminants before they build up. Deep carpet cleaning will eliminate all the foot marks and the dirt because of more indoors time. So, you can get your home ready for the holidays and keep it clean before the lazy winters.


Winter arrives and commands you to close all the windows and doors. You spend most of your duration inside the home with locked windows and doors. The days get shorter, and you lessen your outdoor activities. Some may consider it a good time to clean the carpet as it will be more convenient. But think it this way, wouldn’t you be more exposed to the dirt and pollutants when you spend more time indoors? So, a winter carpet cleaning can help you improve your overall home environment and air quality. Clean up all the dirt, debris, and stains from your carpets in winter, and enjoy your time indoors with a refreshed atmosphere.  

DIY Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning seems like a daunting task, but you will stay on top of it if you make a routine for it. Here we will give some of the best DIY carpet cleaning tips to ensure you keep your carpets clean at home.

Use A Lint Roller

Some stubborn particles such as crumbs, hair, and grime stay on the carpet even though you vacuum regularly. The solution for this problem is to get a lint roller to collect all the embedded dirt out of the carpet.

Remove Stains

Stains may become permanent if you do not treat them immediately. Try to eliminate stains on the spot by using some homemade cleaning solutions from baking soda, vinegar, and liquid detergents. Apply it on the pigment, let it rest for some time, and rinse it afterward.

Homemade Carpet Cleaners

You do not have to wait for grocery shopping to get carpet cleaning solutions from the market. Your kitchen has many ingredients that work effectively for carpet cleanings, such as white vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and cornstarch. You can make cleaning compounds at home and use our DIY carpet cleaning tips to clean your carpets.

Blot Stains Rather than Rubbing

It is an instinct to rub the stains or dirt on the carpet; however, rubbing leads to the spreading of the stain. Only blotting can wash away the stubborn stains. So, apply light pressure and absorb the liquid into a clean cloth or paper towel.

Take Away

Now, you know the best season for carpet cleaning and have DIY carpet cleaning tips From BJC Carpet Cleaners at your hand. Use this knowledge to keep your home atmosphere refreshing and clean.



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