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How to Prepare Your Home Before Getting the Carpet Cleaned


Preparing your home before cleaning gives the professional enough time to do their work. However, you might be wondering how to do the preparations before they arrive. This blog provides you with tips to prepare your house before the carpet cleaning process. Prepare your home for carpet cleaning

Remove Furniture

When planning to clean the carpet, always create enough space in the room for easy accessibility. Do this before cleaning by removing furniture outside or the next room since it contributes to easy working. If you are working with professionals, removing furniture enables them to get straight to work rather than spending time moving things around the house. Also, it helps to prevent damaging the furniture by water or other detergents used when cleaning carpets.

Hung Up Curtains

You don’t want to clean your carpet and be left with wet, dirty curtains hanging on the windows. To ensure your house looks perfectly clean after all the work, it is good to start by removing the curtains and placing them in a safe place. That can also contribute to letting in the natural light that is needed during the carpet cleaning. You can also take that chance to wash your curtains so that the house is left spotlessly clean.

Quarantine Your Pets

There are many reasons why pets should stay outside when the carpet is being cleaned. First, most animals are scared of newcomers, and since you will be working with professionals, ensure they are quarantined to prevent installing fear. The next thing is pets can leave behind fur when playing or moving around the house. Taking them outside of the nest room prevents their fur from sticking on the wet carpet. Also, the noise produced when the carpet is washed can confuse your pets and make them feel scared, thus the importance of them being away.

Protect the Walls

There are parts of the walls that can get damaged during cleaning, that is why covering is important. We suggest using painter’s tape to protect the doorways, corners, and baseboard can help prevent damage. At times the equipment used when cleaning the carpet, for example, hoses can leave black marks on the wall, which will cost you later. The same applies when cleaning the carpet by yourself, be extra careful not to splash water on the walls or other important house furniture.

Clean the Floor

This applies mainly to people with kids. At times they leave toys and other things on the floor, which can add more work when cleaning. If you are working with professionals, it is best to consider tidying the floor first to give them an easy time when doing their job. Such also helps to keep them safe and not damaged when the cleaning is taking place.


Before the professionals come to clean the carpet for you, it is good to vacuum first to remove debris. I know it sounds like you are also doing the work, but this is to help the professionals get straight to work when they get there. When you vacuum, it enables them to focus and concentrate on the crucial part of cleaning the carpet to perfection.

Make a List

You are cleaning the carpet because you have noticed specific changes. Making a list of what areas need certain cleaning helps the professionals to know how to handle it. For example, if your carpet has stains that were caused by food color when you give that information to the cleaners, they will know how to handle it. By doing so, the professionals will know exactly how to clean your carpet perfectly in that there will be no stains left.

Remember that cleaning your carpet helps keep your house tidy and prevents contracting respiratory diseases caused by dirt. Also, working with a qualified professional cleaning company in jersey city is vital since they have the skills required for the work. You can take advantage of social media platforms where most businesses brand themselves to find the best professionals to work with. Another way is referrals by friends who have worked with good carpet cleaners before.



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