04.1 - maintaining desk hygiene

Maintaining Desk Hygiene and Optimal Workflow


Your productivity will suffer as well as your health if your desk is messy. You can’t clean the desk because of the clutter, which promotes the growth of bacteria, germs, and dust that can harm your health. Additionally, clutter makes you disorganized, which increases your risk of accidentally missing crucial deadlines and meetings. Your productivity will increase and you’ll stay healthy if your desk is tidy. Here are some pointers for keeping your desk organized and spotless for optimal health and productivity.

Clear Your Desk

Cleaning up the mess is the first step. Clear the desk of anything before attempting to organize it. Additionally, empty all items from filing cabinets and drawers. You will have a massive mess on the floor as a result, but it will only last so long. The desk has to be cleared out for the time being. Make sure to remove each object and piece of paper.

Tidy Up Your Things

Now that the desk needs to be cleaned, you disregard the clutter on the floor. You’re going to purge yourself of all the bad bacteria, dust, and germs.

To start, use a moist towel to wipe the desk down and remove all the dust. The cloth should be sprayed with a disinfectant spray, although you can also use water at this point if necessary.

Next, clean the desk by wiping it down after applying a disinfectant or cleanser. Make sure the cleaner you choose won’t harm your health if you breathe it in.

Finally, polish the desk with wood polish to make it sparkle.

Clean All Muck

The next thing to do is to focus on the clutter on the floor. Probably the longest part of the procedure is going to be this. All the documentation and materials need to be sorted into piles according to what you need in terms of supplies, vital papers, urgent paperwork, and rubbish. Of course, the rubbish should be recycled or disposed of. It is best to segregate important documents from urgent paperwork into piles that are kept apart from the supplies.

Establish Dedicated Locations for Everything

You’ll now determine where to put everything. Important documents should be kept in a secure location; this could be a filing cabinet drawer. Your desk should have a space for urgent material that doesn’t crowd you. Consider organizing it using trays or folders.

Go Simple

Your office supplies should be organized by putting them in drawers, with the exception of those products that you use frequently. So that you don’t have to constantly go through drawers, these should remain on top of your desk.

Think about becoming minimalist. For a neat, uncluttered appearance, this entails storing everything in drawers.

Create Organized Filing

All your effort would have been in vain if you let paperwork and clutter build up once more. To control the clutter, new procedures must be put in place. To organize supplies and files, use desk organizers. Create a filing system that enables you to quickly and easily locate and store documents.

Use Trays and Containers

Incoming paperwork and documents are another area of your workspace that has to be under control before it gets out of hand. You may organize new, unopened documents and paperwork that you’re currently working on using trays and inboxes. Direct folks to your inbox when they send you fresh work to prevent papers from again piling up on your desk.

Establish Separate Work Areas

Separate the various parts of your job from one another. Put your computer in one spot on your desk, for instance, and limit your work on computers to that area. Do all of your paperwork in the designated area of your desk that is free from extraneous items. By doing this, you avoid feeling cluttered, overworked, and exhausted.

Plan Your Cleaning

Schedule regular desk cleaning time. If you let the dust to build up once more, you’ll start to have respiratory issues and other illnesses. Set aside a special day to organize your desk so that you may clean and disinfect it.

Clean Everything At the End of the Day

Every day, make sure to conclude on a high note by organizing your desk. Your mornings will be better and more productive since you won’t have to cope with a disorganized or cluttered workstation.

Hire Professional to Keep Things Clean

You may keep up your newly discovered level of organization by using a business office cleaning service. The cleaner will keep the desk clean while you keep it organized. Your desk and the rest of the office can be cleaned by us to keep everyone’s workspace free of dust, bacteria, and germs. We have put in place a clear and efficient cleaning strategy that gets the most out of a committed crew and does away with the extra expenditures related to irregular cleaning.



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