02.1 - ideas for a great workspace

10 Ideas for a Great Workplace


People spend a lot of time at work, therefore it’s crucial to have a pleasant place to go each day. There are numerous operational, cultural, and physical changes you may make to improve the working environment.

Make Use of Daylight

Employee performance is impacted by excessive exposure to fluorescent or poor illumination. Many people experience headaches, migraines, and eye issues as a result of spending all day in inadequate lighting seeing computer displays. This makes people uncomfortable, which lowers their performance, and it may also make it difficult for them to fall asleep, which adds to their being too fatigued to work.

People in the office have been shown to have better energy and sleep quality when exposed to natural illumination. Your workers will work in better conditions and be more productive if you incorporate enough natural light and organize your workspace around windows.

Be A Good Communicator

It’s critical for management and employees to communicate. It must be consistent (though not intrusive), cordial, and open. If workers are informed about what’s going on in the firm and given the chance to comment or submit suggestions, they will feel engaged and appreciated.

Limit Meetings

Anyone who works in an office is aware of how long meetings can last. The average professional, according to some studies, attends around 60 meetings each month, not all of which are necessary. Employees frequently become irritated by how much time they waste in useless meetings. Encourage staff members to communicate via phone calls or email, or set aside certain open workspaces where they can meet for brief face-to-face conversations.

Integrate Personality & Usefulness

Although your office needs to be practical and suitable for its intended use, don’t be afraid to add some of your own personality! Cool furnishings and décor will highlight your distinctive brand and taste. You want the atmosphere in which your staff members work to inspire and empower them.

Modular Workspaces

People operate in different ways and have different needs for their workspaces. Giving your team a choice between open workstations and more private, quiet areas gives them options based on the kind of work they need to do.

Having standing desks available is also fantastic because some employees will want to stand at work (or have a medical reason to do so). Giving employees access to Wi-Fi across the office also gives them more freedom from their desks.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Particularly when a major project or deadline is approaching, it is simple to become a little bit too engrossed in work. People frequently stay late at work, skip lunch, or work from home in the evenings or on the weekends when things are busy. It’s critical to be aware of this because it might cause stress and employee burnout. Ensure that you are encouraging everyone to take care of themselves and, as needed, grant days-in-lieu or overtime.

Establish Community

It’s wonderful to establish a sense of community among staff because we spend a lot of time with our coworkers. It’s excellent to bring everyone together occasionally and do something unusual for team development or group activities. Even something as straightforward as a weekly team drink or a Friday drink might significantly alter workplace culture.

Honor Accomplishments & Toil

When you finish a large amount of work or put a lot of effort into a certain project or assignment, it’s good to be recognized. It’s crucial to give your employees praise for a job well done. A fantastic strategy to promote the team’s achievement and increase employee satisfaction is to share their success with the rest of the company.

Pay Attention to Your Team

The routine operations and processes of your business as usual are substantially involving your personnel. They will be aware of areas for possible improvement or items that could use some improvement. They are offering you useful information if they provide you with criticism or suggestions for development. Make sure to pay attention to their advice.

Keep Things Tidy

It’s unpleasant to work in a filthy atmosphere. Your employees require a sanitary and orderly workplace every day. This is for their health as well as for their comfort. Unclean office settings encourage the rapid transmission of illnesses, which increases the frequency with which employees miss work due to illness.



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