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6 Blunders A Commercial Cleaning Company Should Avoid


Disregarding Your Marketing

Avoid spending all of your time working and neglecting to attract new clients for your commercial cleaning services. You will struggle to expand your business if you don’t pay attention to your marketing.

Create a website for your company. Make sure your website appears decent because most of your consumers will find you online. Make sure you have a contact page so that potential customers may simply reach you.

Activate social media. Spending some time in chat rooms is worthwhile. If the individuals you meet trust and like you, they are considerably more likely to become your customers.

Create a mailing list. Possibly your company’s most significant asset is your client list. These are those who have already expressed an interest in hiring you. You can keep advertising to them directly by gathering their email addresses.

Not Monitoring Output

How can you tell if your work is up to par? Asking your clients to take part in surveys once each contract is completed is an easy method to accomplish this. It’s not necessary to go into great depth.

Don’t employ a scale of one to ten for ratings. Given that they all have different conceptions of what a ten is, that would be perplexing.

Ask them a few straightforward questions instead to get a sense of where you stand. How well did our window cleaning services meet your expectations? Good questions to ask are “What area of our cleaning business could we improve?” and “What part of our cleaning business could we market our services more effectively.”

Not Setting Priorities

You are probably working more than is necessary if you spend a lot of time on administrative activities. The technology of today makes automation simple. Make use of scheduling software to enable mobile check-in and check-out for your team members. A timeclock and timesheets are not required.

Automating payroll is simple. The software will handle the recordkeeping, allowing you to keep track of labor costs.

With fleet monitoring software, you can keep track of any company vehicles you have. Use software that enables customers to schedule appointments and handle their own bill payment. It will significantly simplify your work.

Not Understanding Your Client

Customers must be taken into consideration. You can never know enough about your target market, thus it is crucial to clearly define it.

Ask the folks who hire you questions. Take a look at the employers of your rivals. It will be simpler to promote your services the more knowledge you have. 

Approaching someone who owns an office building is insufficient.

What sort of company are they? Do they typically have customers? Are they a recently launched company or an established one? What type of budget do they have for cleaning?

The power of knowledge. To increase your chances of success, find out as much as you can about your target market.

Disregarding Connections

Since acquiring new clients costs money, you should make every effort to keep them as long as you can. Additionally, keeping current customers is far simpler than finding new ones. For instance, if you work for a household cleaning company or a commercial cleaning franchise, you may keep your clientele by making a few minor changes to your process, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Always return calls and emails as soon as possible. Too much time spent alone with a client makes you appear careless, which they dislike. Make it a point to respond to customers within a day. If you get in touch with them straight away, they’ll appreciate it and have more faith in you.

Arrive promptly every time. It demonstrates your dependability and commitment to keeping your word. Your clients hire you to clean for them so they won’t have to. Give them nothing to worry about, and you’ll make a favorable impression on them.

Keeping Inactive Workers in the Payroll

Making sure that your team gets along with one another is another aspect of managing your team. You might have to fire a team member if their negative attitude drags the others down. Whether or not they are good workers is unimportant. You must concentrate on your company’s success, which necessitates having a cohesive workforce.

On the other hand, you can have a person that is slow to complete tasks or doesn’t do their job correctly. Just because someone has excellent character doesn’t mean you have to hire them.

Both part-time and full-time crew members must put in the necessary training time to become proficient in their jobs. Determine the ideal learning period for a new employee. You must let them go if it takes too long for them to align with the rest of the team.

Though it could be challenging, you must act in the team’s best interests as a small business owner.



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