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How to Renew Your Space


Our venues occasionally require a refresh.  A new space improves our emotions, productivity, and general comfort, whether the room needs to alter in function or merely in style.  

Asking yourself these two questions will help you get started on your refresh.

  • What changes do I want to see in the way my place works?
  • What mood do I want my room to have?

You must also take the budget into account after responding to those two questions. A refresh does not always imply great financial gains.  Consider using what you already own and simply getting rid of things you don’t need in order to stretch your budget.  It’s amazing how much new energy can be created by getting rid of things and putting an “old chair” in a new setting.  

Follow these easy steps to begin the transition while keeping the responses to the first two questions in mind.  

Step 1: Eliminate/Keep/Consider

  • Throw away all trash and donate any stuff you no longer need to a local charity.
  • To be able to rethink (and clean) your area, all the stuff you need or want in your refurbished space should be moved out. 
  • There are always a few topics about which it is impossible to make an immediate choice.  Set these things aside to think about them later.  

Step 2: Clean your Space

No matter how neatly you keep your area, you still need to vacuum, dust, and clean the baseboards when you move everything out.  

Step 3: Start any significant projects

Such as painting, wallpapering, or creating new furniture.  When choosing a color, keep in mind how you want the place to feel because the color creates the mood.

Step 4: Reassemble it. 

Make sure everything you bring into the area is clean, and bring in the larger components first before bringing in the smaller ones.  

  • Be careful not to simply put items that are returning to the area back where they were.  
  • As part of the makeover, consider relocating a piece from another space to this one.
  • Additionally, now is the time to revisit your “consider” pile.  Rearrange the items in the new location to determine whether they still fit or if it’s time to get rid of them.
  • Above all, make sure you personalize and make yourself comfortable in the place. 

Your house is yours, therefore whether it has been completely renovated, just updated, or is as-is, you should have a clean home.  

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